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What statement is true about scientific theories?

explanation: A scientific theory is not the ending result of the scientific method; theories can be justified or declined, just like hypotheses.

Which statement is a scientific theory?

Answer. Answer: The statement acceleration of an object increases as the force on an object increases is a scientific theory.

Which of the following is a characteristic of a scientific theory?

Characteristics of a Scientific Theory A scientific theory should be: Testable: Theories can be supported through a series of scientific research projects or experiments. Sometimes a theory is proven to be wrong through evidence: this is called rejecting a theory. Simple: A theory should be simple.

Are theories always true?

Theory is constructed of a set of sentences that are entirely true statements about the subject under consideration. However, the truth of any one of these statements is always relative to the whole theory. Therefore, the same statement may be true with respect to one theory, and not true with respect to another.

What is the most powerful energy in the universe?


What is strong force in chemistry?

The strong force binds quarks together in clusters to make more-familiar subatomic particles, such as protons and neutrons. It also holds together the atomic nucleus and underlies interactions between all particles containing quarks.

What is nuclear force in chemistry?

Nuclear forces (also known as nuclear interactions or strong forces) are the forces that act between two or more nucleons. They bind protons and neutrons (“nucleons”) into atomic nuclei. The nuclear force is about 10 millions times stronger than the chemical binding that holds atoms together in molecules.

How strong is strong force?

As its name suggests, the strong force is the strongest—it’s 100 times stronger than the electromagnetic force (which binds electrons into atoms), 10,000 times stronger than the weak force (which governs radioactive decay), and a hundred million million million million million million (1039) times stronger than gravity …