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What things begin with X?

5 letter words that start with X

  • xebec.
  • xenia.
  • xenon.
  • xeric.
  • xerus.
  • xians.
  • xoana.
  • xylan.

What does Xylan mean?

: a yellow gummy pentosan that yields xylose on hydrolysis and is abundantly present in plant cell walls and woody tissue.

Where is xylan found?

Xylan (/ˈzaɪlən/) (CAS number: 9014-63-5) is a group of hemicelluloses that represents the third most abundant biopolymer on Earth. It is found in plants, in the secondary cell walls of dicots and all cell walls of grasses.

What does Hydrophyte mean?

: a plant that grows either partly or totally submerged in water also : a plant growing in waterlogged soil.

What is the meaning of halophytes?

A halophyte is a salt-tolerant plant that grows in soil or waters of high salinity, coming into contact with saline water through its roots or by salt spray, such as in saline semi-deserts, mangrove swamps, marshes and sloughs and seashores.

Is pineapple a Xerophyte?

The pineapple is a perennial, monocotyledonous, xerophytic plant, up to 1.5 m high, of herbaceous, lily-like habit, but with tough, spiny-tipped leaves that are waxy on the upper surface and possess a fragile dusty bloom on the underside.

What are xeric conditions?

xeric Denoting conditionscharacterized by an inadequate supply of water. Xeric conditions exist in arid habitats, extremely cold habitats, and in salt marshes. Certain plants are adapted to live in such conditions. See halophyte; xerophyte. “xeric.”

Which animal is best suited for xeric mode of life?


What is the importance of succulent leaves and stem for a Xerophytic plant?

Succulent leaves are for conservation of water. Explanation: When stem is flattened it helps to increase surface area for photosynthesis and sometimes storage in parenchyma. Leaves are turned to spines to minimise water loss.

What are Xerophytes How do they deal with shortage of water?

Xerophytes are the type of plants which grow in water scarce or water shortage regions like deserts. In order to deal with shortage of water the adapted and modified their leaves to reduce transpiration(loss of water due to temperature levels).