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What type of business entity is a hospital?

The majority of hospitals (which represents the majority of hospital beds) are organized and operated as nonprofit corporations. They are subject to the nonprofit corporation laws of the states in which they are incorporated.

Can a corporation own a medical practice?

Physicians may form professional medical corporations. California law restricts how professional medical corporations may be owned. All medical corporations must have one or more physician owners, and licensed doctors must hold the majority ownership.

Can a medical assistant start their own business?

More About Professional Corporations Physician assistants in California can pursue being an entrepreneur without leaving the profession that they love. They can start their own professional corporation.

Can a non Md own a medical practice?

Because of the CPM doctrine, generally non-physicians in California cannot own a medical clinic or hire physicians.

What is a medical corporation?

What is a California Medical Corporation? A medical corporation is a corporation, formed pursuant to the California Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act, for the purpose of engaging in the practice of medicine. When you form the corporation, it becomes a separate legal entity.

Should a doctor incorporate?

When you incorporate, you create an entity that legally “owns” your medical practice. You become a shareholder, director or employee of that corporation, which then pays you dividends, bonuses or a salary. The primary reason that physicians choose to incorporate is to realize significant tax advantages.

Who can own a medical corporation in California?

At least 51% of the shares must be owned by a licensed physician and surgeon. The remaining 49% may be owned by: podiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, optometrists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, physician assistants, chiropractors, acupuncturists, or naturopathic doctors.