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What was the ultimate motive of the Continental Congress?

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What happened as a result of the First Continental Congress?

In 1776, it took the momentous step of declaring America’s independence from Britain. Five years later, the Congress ratified the first national constitution, the Articles of Confederation, under which the country would be governed until 1789, when it was replaced by the current U.S. Constitution.

What decisions were made by the 1st Continental Congress?

The decisions that the First Continental Congress made were to declare that the laws in the thirteen acts of Parliament violated the colonists’ rights, to boycott all British trade and goods, meaning that no British products could be spent in the colonies, and no colonial goods could be brought into Britain.

What was the first Continental Congress quizlet?

The first Continental Congress was a gathering of 12 states at the Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 5, 1774 and ended October 26, 1774. The First Continental Congress was a meeting by the colonies in response to the intolerable acts that the British had enforced.

How did British Parliament respond to the Second Continental Congress?

In 1774, the British Parliament passed a series of laws collectively known as the Intolerable Acts, with the intent to suppress unrest in colonial Boston by closing the port and placing it under martial law. In response, colonial protestors led by a group called the Sons of Liberty issued a call for a boycott.

Why did the Second Continental Congress draft the Declaration of Independence quizlet?

Drafted by Second Continental Congress and sent to King George III as a last attempt to avoid war. Said the colonists were still loyal to Britain. His powerful words convinced many Americans that it was time to declare independence and they spread this message throught the colonies.