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What will help you to keep your car secure?

The vehicle watch scheme helps to reduce the risk of your car being stolen. By displaying high-visibility vehicle watch stickers in your car, you’re inviting the police to stop your vehicle if it’s seen in use between midnight and 5 am.

What can you achieve by driving smoothly?

Explanation: By driving smoothly, you’ll not only save about 15% of your fuel but will also reduce the amount of wear and tear on your vehicle and the level of pollution it produces. You’re also likely to feel more relaxed and have a more pleasant journey.

Do under inflated Tyres waste fuel?

The lower the pressure inside the tyre, the greater its ‘footprint’ — in other words, the area of tyre that’s in contact with the road. For example, GT Radial, who carry out extensive testing, reported that when tyres are just 5 psi underinflated, fuel consumption rises by 10%. That’s a 2% increase per psi.

What driving style causes risk?

Explanation: Competitive driving increases the risks to everyone and is the opposite of responsible, considerate and defensive driving. Defensive driving is about questioning the actions of other road users and being prepared for the unexpected.

What does tailgating mean?

Tailgating is when a driver drives behind another vehicle while not leaving sufficient distance to stop without causing a collision if the vehicle in front stops suddenly.

What does the Ford sign mean?

A Ford is ‘a shallow place with good footing where a river or stream may be crossed by wading, or inside a vehicle getting its wheels wet. ‘ So essentially, it’s warning you that your vehicle could get wet. If you see this sign, drive slowly, but also appreciate how clean your wheels will be after.

Can I reverse on a one way street?

“If you do enter a one way street incorrectly you should not reverse back out again. “Drivers in this situation should pull up on the side of the road as early as possible and put the hazard lights on, wait for a gap in the traffic so you can turn your vehicle around and then drive out of the road safely.”

Is it OK to drive in flip flops?

It is not actually illegal to drive in flip flops, or bare feet, but the RAC says studies have shown the sandals can increase braking time and make accidents more likely. Motorists are technically allowed to get behind the wheel wearing flip flops – if they are able to safely operate the controls.