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Where is my water heater located?

Most water heaters are located in the home’s garage, basement, or attic. Water heaters (not including tankless) can take up a lot of space. These areas are usually the best place to store your heater to best accommodate the size.

Are mobile home water heaters different?

Mobile home water heaters are different than regular water heaters in three main ways: Mobile home water heaters have interchangeable gas and propane orifices so that the water heater can be converted from natural gas to propane gas operation. A mobile home heater comes with a securing strap kit.

Where is the hot water heater in a double wide trailer?

A mobile home water heater is often installed near the furnace, and may be in the master bedroom closet. However, you may also find them in the laundry room, utility closet, or hidden behind a wall panel in the hallway.

How long does it take for an RV water heater to heat up?

If you have a 6 gallon water heater, expect it to heat at 17.8 gallons per hour and take 20 minutes to heat up. If you have a 10 gallon tank, it can take about 33 minutes to fully heat up.

How much does it cost to replace RV water heater?

The average RV water heater costs between $800-$1,000. A standard 10-gallon water heater will cost around $800, while a tankless water heater will cost around $1,000. It all depends on the amount of hot water you want on your RV, and how much your RV is meant to hold.

How often should I drain my RV water heater?

I would recommend you draining it every time you’re done camping if you are going to let the RV sit for more than two weeks before your next trip. I would also empty your fresh water tanks as well.

How do I make sure my RV water heater is full?

Hook up to city water or fill your fresh water tank to use with water pump. Make sure your hot water tank bypass is off and your tank plug is properly seated. Pressure relief valve open. Turn on the water either at city water pump or your water pump open a faucet in the unit and wait for it to fill.

Should I drain RV water heater?

Yes, you should drain the water heater when you get home after each trip or you will wind up with the rotten egg sulfur smell. Pull the plug out of the bottom and all the water comes out. Open a hot water faucet first to release pressure or the plug may go flying across the yard and give you a shower in the process.

Can I turn off my water pump?

By shutting off the breaker, there should be no harm to the well pump system, provided the pump system is in good mechanical working order. But you should also shut off the power to the hot water heater. In rare cases, a broken water line can siphon water out of the hot water heater, causing damage to the unit.

Can you turn water pump off at night?

We do recommend turning the pump off at night. This is mostly to prevent possible sleep disturbance. Every couple hours or so the pump relaxes it’s pressure just enough to run the pump for a second to bring the pressure back up. If the switch is left on during the night it can disturb your sleep potentially.

Why does my water pump not turn off?

The most likely cause of a pump not shutting off is the pressure switch. It is a small box attached to the water line with electrical wires running to it from your water pump. It’s used to turn the pump on when the pressure gets low ( around 40 PSI) and turn it off when it gets high ( around 60 PSI).