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Where should I put furniture in a small bedroom?

11 Ways on How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With Big Furniture

  1. Big Furniture Goes In First.
  2. Your Bed Goes Furthest Away.
  3. Create a Clear Path.
  4. Don’t Go Thick – Go Thin.
  5. Use Light Colors.
  6. Use Your Walls.
  7. Think Vertically.
  8. Mirrors Create More Perceivable Space.

Should you put your bed under a window?

In addition to a good headboard, it’s best to have a solid wall, not a window, behind your bed. When you sleep under a window, your personal energy weakens over time, as it has neither proper support nor protection.

How do I choose a theme for my room?

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  1. #1 Pick a theme that you are truly passionate about.
  2. #2 Try taking up a theme for which you can shop locally.
  3. #3 Surroundings and rest of the home.
  4. #4 Ensure that your theme fits with the space available.
  5. vicnt / Getty Images. #5 Plan according to your needs and budget.

What color should your room be?

What should I paint my room? Room colors and how they can impact your mood

Color: Best for:
Cooler Colors Purple, the color of sophisticated drama Bedroom Office Living room
Neutral Colors Brown, the color of traditional comfort Any
Grey, the new β€œin” color Any
White, a timeless classic Any