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Which is correct order of atomic radii?

Atomic radius increases while moving down to the group in the periodic table. Therefore, size of Rb > size of Cs. Atomic radius of element decreases while moving left to right in the periodic table. Was this answer helpful?

Which element in group 13 has the largest atomic radius?


What is the oxidation state of Group 13 elements?


What is a characteristic of the group 14 elements?

Group 14 is the carbon family. The five members are carbon, silicon, germanium, tin, and lead. All of these elements have four electrons in their outermost energy level. Of the Group 14 elements, only carbon and silicon form bonds as nonmetals (sharing electrons covalently).

What family is Group 15?

Nitrogen Family

What is oxidation state of Group 14?

The element of group 14 has 4 valence electrons. Therefore, the oxidation state of the group is +4. However, as a result of the inert pair effect, the lower oxidation state becomes more stable and the higher oxidation state becomes less stable. Therefore, this group exhibits +4 and +2 oxidation states.

What is the oxidation state of Group 15 elements?

The elements of group 15 generally exhibit -3, +3 and +5 oxidation states. The tendency to exhibit -3 oxidation state decreases as we move down the group due to an increase in the size of the atom and the metallic character. Bismuth hardly forms any compound in oxidation state -3.

What is the Valency of Group 14 elements?

4 electrons

How do you remember the elements in group 14?

Mnemonic for Group 14: Chemistry Sir Gives Sanki Problems. Group 15 is known as the group of Pnictogens or Nitrogen group.

What is the Valency of Group 16 elements?

Group 16 elements have 6 valence electrons, meaning that they require two more electrons to complete a stable electron octet. They still have relatively large electron affinities and are rather reactive, forming ions with a -2 charge.

What is the Valency of Group 18 elements?

The usual number of valence electrons of group 18 elements is 8. Therefore, the valency of the group 18 elements is: 8-8=0.