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Which muscle is the prime mover of arm abduction?

deltoid muscle

What are the main muscles of dorsiflexion?

Dorsiflexion – produced by the muscles in the anterior compartment of the leg (tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus and extensor digitorum longus).

What nerve is responsible for dorsiflexion?

The tibialis anterior is the strongest contributor to foot dorsiflexion. The extensor digitorum longus and peroneus tertius assist with dorsiflexion. The deep peroneal nerve receives segmental innervation from the L4 through S1 nerve roots.

How much dorsiflexion is normal?

Normal Values for Range of Motion of Joints*

Joint Motion Range (°)
Knee Extension 120–0
Ankle Plantar flexion 0–50
Dorsiflexion 0–20
Foot Inversion 0–35

How can I increase my ankle and hip mobility?

Hip Mobility Exercise Descriptions

  1. Lying Hip Rotations. This exercise starts the sequence as an easy first movement to warm-up and build toward the rest of the series.
  2. Piriformis Stretch.
  3. Butterfly Stretch.
  4. Frog Stretch.
  5. Kneeling Lunge.
  6. Traveling Butterfly.
  7. Squatting Internal Rotations.
  8. Pigeon Stretch.

Does dorsiflexion make you jump higher?

Dorsiflexion shoes induce a significant increase in jump performance. These results are in accordance with the concept that a DF of the ankle may induce an increase of the length and strength of the triceps surae (higher torque).

How do you fix poor hip mobility?

Dynamic Stretches/Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility and Strength

  1. Lie down on your back and bring your legs up, keeping them straight.
  2. Using a strap or band, keep one leg straight up while slowly lowering the other to the floor.
  3. Repeat 5 times on each leg.

How do you know if you have a weak hip abductor?

When a client is walking on their right leg in the stance phase of the gait cycle and their left hip drops down, this indicates a weakness in the right hip abductors. If hip abductors are weak on both sides, it results in a waddling gait, which is reminiscent of the strut of a Vegas showgirl.