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Which of the following is the correct electronic configuration for GA?

The electron configuration for Ga is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p1.

What is the ratio of radii of the orbits corresponding to first?

Answer. Radius of the nth orbit rn ∝ n2. For ground state n = 1 and for the first excited state n = 2. Therefore r2/r1 = 22/1 = 4/1 = 4:1.

What is the ratio of orbits corresponding to first excited state?

4 : 1

What is the radius of orbit in second excited state?

The radius of innermost electrone orbit of hydrogen atom is 5.3 *10^-11m. What is the radius of orbit in the second excited state. 2nd excited state implies that n=3. There the radius of the second excited state i.e., r(n =3) = r’ * 3^2 = 5.3*10^-11*9 = 4.77*10^-10 m.

What do you mean by Bohr radius?

The Bohr radius (a0) is a physical constant, equal to the most probable distance between the nucleus and the electron in a hydrogen atom in its ground state (non-relativistic and with an infinitely heavy proton). It is named after Niels Bohr, due to its role in the Bohr model of an atom.

When hydrogen atom is in the first excited level its radius is how many times its ground state radius?

four times

When a hydrogen atom is raised from the ground?

Although it is inversely proportional but due to negative sign, when the radius is increased, the potential energy is also increased. Hence, when a hydrogen atom is raised from ground state to excited state, its potential energy increases whereas kinetic energy decreases. So, the correct answer is “Option C”.

What is the angular momentum of an electron in the ground state of hydrogen?


When hydrogen atom is in its second excited level then its radius becomes?

When the hydrogen is in a second excited state, the value of n is equal to 3. Therefore, the radius of a hydrogen atom when it is in its second excited state is nine times its radius when it is in its ground state.