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Who is the intended audience of the jungle?

Audience Construction in “The Jungle” Upton Sinclair was a muckraker, which means he worked to bring society’s ills into the public eye. However, that does not quite clarify who Sinclair’s audience was meant to be. One of the most obvious audiences would be government officials and legislators.

How did the jungle impact the Progressive Era?

The Jungle was Upton Sinclair’s infamous 1906 novel that was a story that brought to light the problems in the meat industry. It was tied to the rise of the Progressive Era was all about getting the government more involved with society problems instead of letting society take care of itself through natural selection.

Why was the jungle banned?

The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair Burned in the Nazi bonfires because of Sinclair’s socialist views (1933). Banned in East Germany (1956) as inimical to communism.

Who is Antanas in the jungle?

Antanas Rudkus is Jurgis’s father. He is incredibly eager to work, but he is elderly and not very strong. Antanas becomes the first casualty to the family’s new American life.

Who is Jurgis in the jungle?

Jurgis Rudkus

Who is the main character in the jungle?

Who is Miss Henderson in the jungle?

Miss Henderson is Ona’s boss at the meatpacking plant. She is also partially responsible for Ona’s terrible fate. In addition to being a forelady (a.k.a. supervisor) at Ona’s workplace, Miss Henderson is also associated with a brothel in downtown Chicago.

Who is the antagonist in the jungle?

Shere Khan (/ˈʃɪər ˈkɑːn/) is a fictional Bengal tiger and the main antagonist of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book and its adaptations.

Who is Jokubas Szedvilas?

Jokubas Szedvilas The failing proprietor of a delicatessen in Packingtown who knows Jonas from the old country. A kind but troubled man, Jokubas represents the harsh reality of capitalism and reveals the naïveté of Jurgis’s dreams of success.

Who is Phil Connor?

Phil Connor is the boss of a loading crew at the meatpacking factory where Ona works. He is also a sadist and a rapist. He forces Ona to have sex with him and then intimidates her into keeping silent. He has authority in Packingtown because he is a friend of Mike Scully, a major political power in the area.

Why did Jurgis attack Connor?

Jurgis goes to jail for attacking the man who bullied his wife into prostitution. The problem with Chicago business is that it has invaded every part of the city’s social structure.

What does Jurgis think happens to Connor?

It isn’t fair at all because while Connor is living a very fortunate life the family is struggling. But due to Jurgis actions, Connor will fire Teta and Ona putting the family in more danger than ever in terms of economical problems.

What is the beef trust in the jungle?

In the book, the beef trust is a group of organizations with a vested interest in the production and sale of beef. There are several major players that all run various packing houses in Packingtown, and they make up the regional industry of meet production.

Where did the Meat Inspection Act take place?