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Why do Kid Cudi songs have nightmare?

To add on to what jwizzy said it’s basically since MOTM1 is in a dream state, songs like pursuit of happiness have a nightmare tag because they’re part of his nightmares within the dreams.

Who is Francis in Westworld?

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi

What did Caleb do in Westworld?

According to Caleb’s log, his past tasks included successful kidnappings, ransoms, and assassinations. To track down outliers, they used the app, Rico, which was created to regulate criminality. (At the start of Season 3, Caleb was using Rico to make extra cash for completing illegal missions.)

Is Caleb in Westworld a robot?

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to Westworld newcomer Caleb Nichols, played by Emmy-winning Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul. The good news: He’s not a secret robot.

Why does Dolores kill Arnold?

In some ways, the answer is very simple: Dolores killed Arnold because he programmed her to do it. When Arnold came to believe that Dolores was truly conscious (and that it was something all the hosts were capable of), he didn’t want to open the park anymore.

Is Dolores good or bad?

Once Dolores experienced consciousness, she changed, and her innocence was lost forever. Dolores was then motivated to “free” all hosts and to live in the real world with delusions of freedom. Unfortunately, She would become a villain in the process.

Does Caleb know Dolores is a host?

There’s still so much he doesn’t know, though. He doesn’t know that Dolores is a host, let alone that Connells and her other allies are just host copies of Dolores. Caleb values authenticity and hates the many facades that have been placed over his deeply problematic world.

Why did Dolores choose Caleb?

Like everything in Westworld, things can get confusing, and the answer is a bit complicated. Dolores realized that humans had to lead their own revolution to be free of the computer’s control, just as the hosts had led a revolution in Westworld. That’s why she picked a human: Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul).

Is Caleb Teddy?

Caleb may ultimately become the new Teddy in HBO’s Westworld season 3. A number of new characters join Westworld in season 3 thanks to the hosts being moved into the real world.

Are all the hosts Dolores?

Then, during this confrontation, Dolores proceeds to reveal that she is the host all others are based on — including Maeve. In the previous seasons of Westworld, it was revealed that Dolores was the oldest host active in the Western-inspired theme park and, on top of that, the first host ever created by Delos.

Are there 2 Dolores now?

One of the five pearls she brought from Westworld belonged to Bernard and one copy of her mind was already inside Charlotte Hale, which means that there are two remaining versions of Dolores that are either waiting for bodies, or that she’s already found bodies for.

Is Dolores bad in Westworld?

By releasing the Rehoboam profiles of everyone on the planet, Dolores has been indirectly responsible for deaths, suicides, rioting and more, and shows a startling lack of remorse about the destruction in her wake. Even more concerning, this is only the tip of Dolores’ evil iceberg.

Is Dolores Arnold?

Even after his death, Arnold’s codes and wisdom remain ever-present, guiding hosts like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) through their awakenings. And yes, it’s true that Arnold isn’t alive anymore — because Dolores killed him once upon a time.

Why did Dolores kill Ford?

Dolores kills Ford as an execution for a crime against her, which is really a crime against the hosts. Ford never wakes her up as he wants her to do that herself. He wants her to crave the death of humans herself.

Is Dolores talking to Bernard or Arnold?

In season 1, Dolores is always talking to Arnold*, never Bernard. Their conversations occur in the the original timeline, about 30 years before the other events in the episode.