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Why does 43 not belong?

9 is the only number that doesn’t give you 7. I say 16 is the number that doesn’t belong because 9, 25, and 43 are all odd numbers and 16 is even. 25 doesn’t belong because the product of the digits of all the numbers is a multiple of three; except 25.

What word does not go with 4?

Answer: Dough, as it’s spelt /dow/ while the others have /-nuf/ syllable in them.

Which word does not belong with the other two?

Similarly, there are other word classes which include prepositions, pronouns, determiners, conjunctions, and interjections. Bearing the described above in mind, it could be said that word which does not belong with the other two is near since it is a preposition while either cat or sun are nouns.

Which word does not belong with the others * 1 point rye sourdough pumpernickel loaf?

Loaf, sourdough, and pumpernickel are types of bread. A rye is not a bread type. Loaf-Bread that is shaped and baked in one piece and usually sliced before being eaten.

Which solid does not belong with the others?

The cone does not belong.

Which figure does not belong with the other three?

I believe the sphere doesn’t belong with the other three. It has no edges or corners/vertices.

Which solids can be created by rotating a two dimensional figure?

A second connection between two and three dimensions comes from the fact that three dimensional solids can be created by rotating two dimensional objects around a line. For example, rotating the half circle below around the line will create a sphere. Let’s look at some problems about cross sections.

What solid 3D object is produced by rotating the triangle?

Three dimensional shapes are obtained by rotating the two dimensional shapes. When a circle is rotated we get sphere; when a triangle is rotated we get cone; when rectangle or square is rotated we get cylinder.

What is the shape of the cross section?

A cross section is the shape we get when cutting straight through an object. The cross section of this object is a triangle. It is like a view into the inside of something made by cutting through it. This is a cross-section of a piece of celery.

What happens to a line as it rotates?

Mathematically there is no meaning in “rotating a line”, but just in the (already) rotated line. You cannot move the line because you cannot move the points from which it is made of. Instead your rotated line is a completely new line which (as we say) looks like the former line, but “rotated”.